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SEPTA New Regional Rail Schedules

New Regional Rail schedules will go in effect on Sunday, December 19, 2021. Following are highlights of the changes which represent restoration to 75% of the pre-pandemic weekday service levels.

Please consult the timetable for detail changes:

Here are some highlights:

Chestnut Hill East Line: Six midday off peak trips restored

Chestnut Hill West Line: One peak hour round trip added along with the restoration of weekday hourly midday service and early evening service until 9.51pm. One morning reverse peak trip added departing Suburban Station at 7:10am. Weekend service is restored with two-hourly service.

Cynwyd Line: One midday round trip added departing Suburban Station at 12:00pm and returning from Cynwyd at 12:36pm.

Fox Chase Line: All trains will service Wayne Junction Station. Added two (2) reverse peak trains departing Fox Chase 5:50pm and 10:23pm and arriving at Suburban Station 6:27pm and 10:55pm.

Lansdale/Doylestown Line: Two Lansdale trains added departing 6:14am and 7:13am and two evening Lansdale trains added departing Suburban Station at 3:53pm and 5:02pm. One reverse peak trip added departing at from Lansdale at 5:08pm.

Manayunk/Norristown Line: One morning inbound peak train added from Miquon at 8:18am, arriving at Suburban Station at 8:48am. Two morning reverse peak trains added: 6:18am from Suburban Station to Norristown TC, and 7:28am from Suburban arriving at Miquon at 7:57am. One evening reverse peak train departing Norristown TC at 6:33pm.

Media/Elwyn Line:Weekday restoration on midday hourly service (6), morning and evening reverse peak trips added (3), an early rush hour local at 3:30pm (1) and morning express round trip added (2).

Paoli/Thorndale Line: One morning and one evening express train from/to Wayne Station added. Changes/additions to weekday inbound train service between 6:00am - 8:30 am including the addition of one Thorndale train during the peak period.

Trenton Line: One morning and one evening express train added: service reconfigured to allow for one morning and evening peak express train arriving at Suburban Station at 8:23am and departing at 4:44pm.

Warminster Line: Added one morning round trip Center City to Glenside, departing at Suburban 7:45am and returning from Glenside at 8:38am. Two evening reverse peak trains departing Glenside at 5:52pm and 6:35pm.

West Trenton Line: One weekday morning and one evening express train added: an 8:11am Suburban Station arrival and a 4:58pm departure.

Wilmington/Newark Line: One weekday evening round trip from Center City to Wilmington added departing Suburban Station 8:35pm and returning from Wilmington 10:16pm.

Where else can you see the schedules?

  • AT STATIONS: Look for schedule posters with the December 19, 2021 effective date on the day of the schedule change.

  • ON YOUR PHONE: Users of the official SEPTA App for iPhone and Android devices should download the new schedules the day of the schedule change (Sunday, December 19, 2021) . Please look for the alert that will appear upon launching the official SEPTA App.

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