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GVF’s mission is to reduce congestion and secure economic growth for the region by reducing the number of cars on the road using Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies. To help achieve this mission GVF developed weareTDM.com as a one stop shop for commuter resources and TDM programs.


In 2018, GVF received the ACT Marketing and Outreach award for the redesign of the wearetdm.com website. The website offers users quick and easy access to essential TDM information. The websites features include the latest news articles in transportation, educational information, resources and strategies on transportation alternatives.

"In updating wearetdm.com, our goal was to create a more user-friendly website. We feel we've made improvements that will do just that. The website will provide users with alternatives to driving alone and the steps needed to change the way they commute. While also keeping them up to date on the latest transportation news."

- Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF

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