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This committee will comprise stakeholders from diverse sectors working together to bring innovative ideas to our region. The committee will focus on strategic partnerships to improve mobility and ensure transportation equity and environmentally safe modes. 
Committee Goals:
  • Assist with the development/expansion of electric vehicle charging stations.

  • Educate and promote mobile applications to assist with trip reduction

  • Development of an autonomous vehicle shuttle

  • Development of an e-scooter/e-bicycle share program

  • Development of a Mobility HUB

  • Monitor advances in AI and learn more about how it may innovate mobility

Committee Chair:
  • Kerrin Steele, Global Lead of Workplace Experience and Faculty Operations, Vanguard, GVF Board Member
"Innovation is a driver for success. The way technology progresses these days, you have to stay relevant and I think the primary focus of this committee will be to establish a road map on how and where innovative technology solutions can be introduced to our region." Kerrin Steele, Innovation Committee Chair.

Committee Vice-Chair:
  • PA State Senator Amanda Cappelletti, GVF Board Member

  • Bob Hart, General Manager, King of Prussia Mall, Simon, GVF Board Vice President 

  • Cathy Farrell, P.E., Department Manager, HNTB

  • Scott France, Executive Director, Montgomery County Planning Commission, GVF Board Member

  • Todd Helmer, CEO, THA Consulting

  • Daniel LePera, Associate Attorney, Unruh Turner Burke & Frees.

  • Ken O'Brien, Senior Project Manager, HDR
  • Kathy Sweeney-Pogwist, Senior Vice President, Brandywine Realty Trust, GVF Board Secretary

  • Jen Waters, Vice President and Office Manager, Urban Engineers, GVF Board Member

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