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"The three committees GVF has formed are so important and intertwined. If you look at the focus of the  Biden administration, they look to spend $174B on electric vehicles also $20B on road safety, vision zero types of funding sources. So when you look at GVF's innovation and connected communities committees it all ties together and it seems the Biden administration sees that are trying to intertwine its fundings to these points." Eric Frary, Advocacy Committee Chair.


This committee will assist with setting GVF’s public policy council goals.  The committee will help advocate for relevant legislation, as well as helping to develop relevant TDM legislation at the state and national level.  The committee will work to inform and engage GVF partners on the advancement of GVF’s policy goals. 
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This committee will be comprised of stakeholders from diverse sectors working together to bring innovative ideas to our region. The committee will focus on strategic partnerships that will improve mobility to ensure transportation equity and environmentally safe modes for all. 


This committee will work together to ensure everyone will have access to TDM options. The committee will focus on affordable housing, climate, equity, funding opportunities, health & wellness, strategic partnerships, transportation accessibility, workforce & economic development.

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