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The future of mobility is changing so rapidly that it’s challenging to stay current. How people moved throughout our country and our region has been the same since the development of our transit system and our highway network.


In the last five years, there has been a dramatic shift in how people are choosing to move. With the introduction of mobile platforms and the growth of the sharing economy, the “how” we move has changed.


GVF is working:

  • With local counties and governments on trail development and expansion

  • Bike lanes on roadways and sidewalks for pedestrians

  • Last mile shuttles

  • Educating our partners and the public about these mobility options.


These mobility options are critical for today, but we must also work on additional alternatives for tomorrow like, the King of Prussia Rail project.


GVF will continue to be a leader in this exciting future of mobility.  We can’t do it alone so please join us on this journey to further enhance our collective mobility.

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