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Brandywine Realty Trust Receives Air Quality Partnership Award

GVF was pleased to nominate Brandywine Realty Trust for the 2018 Air Quality Partnership Award for their efforts and initiatives towards improving sustainable transportation and the environment.

The Air Quality Partnership (AQP) is a public / private coalition dedicated to improving air quality in the Greater Philadelphia Region by providing air quality advisories and educating the public about air quality issues. The Air Quality Partnership is administered by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC).

GVF nominated Brandywine because of its commitment towards promoting alternative transportation options by maintaining bike racks, providing cyclists with showers and lockers, placing transportation demand management (TDM) information within new client packets, providing preferential parking for alternative fuels, carpools and vanpools, offering subsidized shuttle system to tenants and additional TDM strategies on its properties.

GVF annually recognizes regional organizations for their remarkable leadership and outstanding achievements in implementing programs that promote commuting alternatives for their employees and the community. GVF works year-round with its partners to develop programs and incorporate TDM initiatives into their work environment through TDM plans. Brandywine has been a recipient of the TDM Awards for several years. In 2017 Brandywine consistently showed commitment towards improving our environment and the region’s quality of life. Some of Brandywine’s TDM strategies/amenities that stand out include:

  • Provide preferential parking for alternative fuel vehicles, vanpoolers and/or carpoolers

  • Collaborate with GVF or local transit provider to ensure public transit service is adequate/sufficient through the community and/or work site

  • Provide vehicle charging stations on-site

“We are honored that GVF chose to nominate Brandywine Realty Trust for this award. Since its inception, Brandywine Realty Trust has prioritized the importance of sustainable initiatives, and put into action alternative options designed to create environmentally healthy cities of the future,” said George Johnstone, Executive Vice President of Operations at Brandywine Realty Trust. “As we continue to build forward-thinking developments and communities, we are always seeking new, innovative ways to further reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainable practices. We are grateful to have a partner like GVF to help further our efforts.”

Brandywine is committed to investing in the future and providing connections within our region. Jerry Sweeney, President and CEO of Brandywine is the chair of the King of Prussia Rail Coalition. The Coalition seeks to build support from elected officials, employees, commercial property owners, local businesses, residents, visitors, regional economic development and job growth agencies, and chambers of commerce for the proposed extension of SEPTA’s Norristown High Speed Line into King of Prussia.

It is a pleasure to nominate and recognize Brandywine Realty Trust for their dedication and hard work and we look forward to continuing to partner together to improve the region.



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