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Upper Dublin Township and Boles Smyth partner with GVF for WalkWorks Project

The WalkWorks program, a collaboration between the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, selected 11 communities to receive grants that will assist with the development of active transportation plans and policies.

The plans will emphasize walking and biking enhancements to each community’s infrastructure, thereby expanding opportunities for physical activity. Upper Dublin Township was a recipient of the grant, which will allow the Township to focus on implementing some of the bike and pedestrian recommendations GVF made in its Fort Washington Office Park (FWOP) TDM plan.

One of GVF’s responsibilities on this project is to create a resolution to the FWOP TDM Plan, which will include bike/ped recommendations the Township can implement within the Fort Washington Business Park. These recommendations will help assist in community planning and design to incorporate more opportunities for walking and cycling, which ultimately creates a healthier community.

The first WalkWorks Stakeholder meeting was held on May 2nd. Boles Smyth and GVF presented and attendees included businesses and partners such as SEPTA, DVRPC, Montgomery County Health Department, Montgomery County Planning Commission, Aon, Abington-Jefferson Hospital, Upper Dublin School District, Fort Washington Business Alliance, representatives from State Representative Sanchez and State Representative Murt, among others.

“We applaud Upper Dublin Township’s leadership, as it continues to look at creative ways to enhance mobility within their community. Providing better connectivity and safer options for your employees and residents is a critical component to attracting and retaining businesses, as well as residents. We are excited to be working with the Township and Boles Smyth to help elevate TDM options and implement some of the bike/ped recommendations we proposed in the TDM plan,” Maureen Farrell, Deputy Executive Director, GVF.


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