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Tired of Traffic? - What if there was a Better Way?

In our region, 76% of commuters drive to work alone, which causes congestion and negatively impacts the lives of commuters daily. What if there was a better way?


Carpooling is an easy way to improve your daily journey as it offers many benefits. Commuters who carpool save money by splitting the cost of gas while socializing and helping alleviate congestion. Less time in traffic means more free time, sign us up!

What would you do if you had a shorter commute?

An analysis on commuter trends conducted by Scoop shows a variety of ways commuters would spend their free time if they had shorter commutes. Out of the 7,000 respondents, 50% reported they would exercise in their free time, 31% reported making healthier food choices would be their go-to and 43% said they would spend more time socializing.

Emergency Ride Home

Life happens, but the Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH) has you covered. ERH is a “safety net” which helps commuters who use alternative transportation (carpooling, vanpooling, public transit) to get to work. In the case of an emergency, the commuter would secure a ride to their desired destination, pay for the journey, then submit a receipt to receive reimbursement; it’s that simple. For more information on this program, visit

Check out to find more information and resources on commuting options.

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