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GVF Welcomes New Board Member Erica Batdorf, Manager, North Coventry Township

Headshot: Erica Batdorf, Manager, North Coventry Township
Erica Batdorf, Manager, North Coventry Township

GVF, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to inspire mobility choices for all, would like to welcome and recognize new board member Erica Batdorf, Manager of North Coventry Township.

“Improving transportation infrastructure can enable a safer, healthier, more connected community. As a Township Manager, I observe that these investments directly impact a region’s sense of place and quality of life. It is an honor to work alongside the GVF Board to collaborate on initiatives that support these efforts,” Erica Batdorf, Manager, North Coventry Township.

Erica Batdorf is a public service professional from Pottstown, PA currently serving in the role as Township Manager and Chief Administrative Officer of North Coventry Township in Chester County, PA. Before this role Erica was Manager in West Vincent Township located in Chester Springs, PA, and Assistant Borough Manager for the Borough of Pottstown, PA.

Throughout Erica’s fourteen years in municipal service, she has been responsible for the daily operation of local government services and strives to effectively facilitate the policy goals of elected officials and residents. Erica has a passion for strategic planning, believing that every organization needs a mission and set of targets to sustain and strengthen its social and built environment. Erica takes a multi-faceted approach to projects and has led the implementation of several infrastructure improvements to parks, trails, roadways, and facilities with an interest in innovative practices, emphasizing quality, longevity, and enabling better access to the community served.

In addition to serving on GVF’s Board of Directors, Erica also serves on GVF’s Connected Communities Committee. Click here to learn more about GVF’s three committees.

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