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GVF's Very Own D.E.D Maureen Farrell Recognized as 2021 Montco Millennial Superstar - MontCo Today

Maureen Farrell, Deputy Executive Director for GVF, is most proud of the development and implementation of the first-ever TDM ordinance for this region, which was passed in Lower Merion Township in June 2020.

“Traffic issues cannot and should not be addressed by just building more highways,” Maureen states. “A TDM (transportation demand management) ordinance is about prioritizing people versus cars. It is another tool the Township can utilize to help manage their growth, provide education and improved infrastructure that will enhance options for all in their community.

Her first professional job out of college was working at a female juvenile detention center. “I graduated college with a degree in Criminal Justice and aspired to have a career in the FBI. After working at the juvenile detention center, I worked at the Lackawanna County Prison as a manager in the records department but while I worked on my master’s program in Public Administration, I decided law enforcement was not a career path I wanted to pursue,” she says.

“When I accepted the position at GVF over 13 years ago, I thought I would only be here 2 years,” Maureen explains. “However, my mindset quickly changed when I saw how effective Rob’s (the current GVF executive director) leadership style was, as well as the importance of work-life balance, having a vision, and finding creative paths to accomplish it. Rob’s confidence in me to lead the GVF team, projects, and events, combined with encouragement has helped to shape the professional I am today.”

Maureen loves working in Montco! “I have worked in Montgomery County for over 15 years. I love how each community has its own personality and charm. I love how communities can come together to help advance projects, such as trail connections. It has been very exciting to watch the development that has occurred, specifically in King of Prussia where I have worked these past 15 years,” Maureen Farrell says.

“It’s exciting to be a part of the vision for improving mobility options, not just within King of Prussia but for the entire region, as GVF focuses on long-term transportation projects such as KOP Rail, trail connections, protected bike lanes,” she states.



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