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GVF’s TDM Advocate Awards Returns! Apply Today!

GVF is pleased to announce the return of its TDM Advocates Awards. The Greater Philadelphia region has over four (4) million people living and working throughout it. The drive-alone trips accumulated by the region’s population negatively impact the environment and the public’s quality of life. Thankfully the region has many TDM advocates who are working with GVF. GVF is a non-profit regional transportation association, that partners with local private and public sectors to combat these challenges through Transportation Demand Management (TDM). Transportation Demand Management (TDM) refers to strategies, programs, or policies that are designed to reduce drive-alone trips and enable the transportation system to function more effectively and efficiently through alternative transportation options such as biking, walking, carpooling, vanpooling, public transit, or telework. By implementing TDM strategies and reducing drive-alone trips we can improve our climate and increase the efficiency of our regional roadways. Through GVF's 2022 TDM Advocates Awards, we want to recognize our partners who pivoted and made investments during the pandemic that helped to improve their employees' and/or residents’ quality of life.



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