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GVF's Legislative Visit to Harrisburg

In order for our region to remain economically competitive, we cannot build our way out, rather we need to develop creative solutions to reducing congestion. GVF continues to be a leader in advocating for transportation funding for our region, as well as advancing creative solutions, such as TDM.

One way we accomplish this is through our advocacy. GVF organized a Legislative visit in Harrisburg on October 30. We were joined by about a dozen of our partners and with a unified message, we met with elected officials and their staffers to talk about creative ways to fund transportation, as well as reducing congestion.

Did you know the Philadelphia metro region has experienced a 22% increase in auto emissions since 1990? This is according to a recent New York Times article, which also indicates transportation as the largest source of emissions and the bulk of those emissions come from driving single occupancy vehicles. Therefore, GVF continues to educate our partners, and elected officials that transportation demand management (TDM) strategies are viable tools to helping to reduce congestion.

In order to advance this agenda, GVF has developed several legislative priorities:

  • Further investment in Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs

  • Formation of a state-wide TDM committee

  • Continued investment in infrastructure throughout Pennsylvania

  • Emphasis on the current maintenance of the transportation system

  • Increase transit funding

Priority projects:

  • King of Prussia Rail

  • Transit alternative along Route 422 Corridor

  • Amend the PA vehicle code to integrate emerging technologies

  • Focus on environmental impact to the system and encourage reduction in SOV trips

During our time in Harrisburg, GVF facilitated and met with following legislators and staffers, where we discussed the above legislative priorities. GVF looks forward to continuing to work with our partners to help advance issues at the state level.

  • Representative Mike Carroll, Minority Chair of Transportation Committee

  • Representative Tim Hennessey, Majority Chair of Transportation Committee

  • Senator John Sabatina, Minority Chair of Transportation Committee and his Executive Director of Transportation Committee, Jason Gerard

  • Nolan Richie, Executive Director for Transportation Committee, Office of Senator Kim Ward, Majority Chair of Transportation Committee

  • Representative Matt Bradford, Majority Chair of Appropriations

  • Representative Tim Briggs, Minority Chair of Judiciary Committee


  • Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF

  • Maureen Farrell, Deputy Executive Director, GVF

  • Eric Frary, Vice President, Michael Baker International, Chair of GVF Public Policy Council

  • Dan Kerr, Manager, Limerick Township, Vice Chair of GVF Public Policy Council

  • Jeff Guzy, Executive Director, RK&K, GVF Board President

  • Jody Holton, Executive Director, Montgomery County Planning Commission, GVF Board Member

  • Andy Rau, Partner, Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees, GVF Board Member

  • Eric Persson, Economic Development Specialist, Lower Merion Township

  • Dave Azzato, Senior Transportation Leader, Traffic Planning & Design



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