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GVF’s Executive Director Rob Henry Shares Welcome Message as Chair of ACT Public Policy Committee

I'd like to thank the ACT Board of Directors for appointing me as the Public Policy Committee Chair. There are many items that we are working on from last year such as UBIT and integrating TDM into legislation that we hope to carry forward.

I'm very excited to be joined by a newly appointed group of committee members, representing the wide range of sectors within TDM, as we work to move our policy agenda forward. Over the course of this year we'll hold regular public policy briefings for our members, host a legislative fly-in this spring, conduct policy focused sessions throughout our international conference in New York this summer and a new policy event in the fall of this year. We will also have some of our recent ImpACT! Leadership graduates assisting us along the way. We have a very busy agenda for 2019! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or the ACT team.

Public Policy Committee Members

Rob Henry


Maureen Gresham

ACHD Commuterride

Jeff Olschwang


Jonathan Boldes

Destination Sales & Marketing Group

Jessica Alba

Stanford University

Philip Winters

Center for Urban Transportation

P. Timothy Phelps

TMA of Chester County

Dion Beuckman

Enterprise Holdings

Luanna Huber

Walt Disney Company

Rob Sadow




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