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GVF Provides Regional Transportation Updates at 32nd Annual Meeting

L-R: Jeff Guzy, RK&K, GVF Board President; Fran Hanney, PennDOT; Anna Hooven, SEPTA; Sarah Clark Stuart, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia; Rob Henry, GVF; 2022 Top TDM Professionals Under 40
L-R: Jeff Guzy, RK&K, GVF Board President; Fran Hanney, PennDOT; Anna Hooven, SEPTA; Sarah Clark Stuart, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia; Rob Henry, GVF; 2022 Top TDM Professionals Under 40

GVF, a not-for-profit with over 30 years of experience, focusing on climate, equity, and overall quality of life by reducing single-occupancy vehicles, recently held its 32nd Annual Meeting.

After holding this event virtually, the last two years, GVF was thrilled to host over 100 people in person. The event provided networking with executive professionals while hearing from prominent speakers and leaders in the transportation industry.

GVF also recognized the 9th Annual Top TDM Professionals under 40 at this event. To date, GVF has recognized over 200 professionals, who are ambitious leaders making a positive impact in our industry.

GVF’s Annual Meeting panel discussion was focused on Connected Communities. GVF formed three committees during the pandemic to help advance specific goals over the next five (5) years. GVF’s Connected Communities committee, which is chaired by Lower Merion Township Manager Ernie McNeely and vice chaired by State Representative Ben Sanchez, works together to ensure everyone will have access to TDM options. The committee focuses on affordable housing, climate, equity, funding opportunities, health & wellness, strategic partnerships, transportation accessibility, workforce & economic development.

Over the next five years, GVF will work with its leadership and committee members to:

  • Have 50 miles of protected bike lanes implemented throughout Montgomery and Chester counties

  • Implement TDM ordinances in other municipalities (see an example that GVF has worked on in Lower Merion Township)

  • Implement My School in Motion program in other school districts (see example of this program GVF implemented within Tredyffrin Easttown School District)

  • Create more walkable communities

  • Enhancing transit (i.e., bus shelters, development of BRT, etc.)

GVF’s panelists focused on the importance of communities investing in their future planning to enhance and improve mobility options for all.

Panel speakers included:

  • Sarah Clark Stuart, Executive Director, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Sarah gave an overview of the coalitions biking initiatives that included the Circuit Trails Coalition and progress towards 500 miles by 2025. Additionally, the Coalition is working closely with PennDOT through their Bike Friendly Resurfacing Program, which identifies roads for potential investment in bike friendly improvements as part of regularly scheduled PennDOT resurfacing projects. Another important initiative the Coalition is working on, which GVF has been advocating for as well, is the Parking Protected Bike Lane and Pedestrian Plaza Bill.

The HB140 Parking Protected Bike Lanes & Plazas bill amends the Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code to allow PennDOT to design and build parking protected bike lanes on state roads. Currently, the Vehicle Code requires motor vehicle tires to be within 12 inches of a curb. A parking protected bike lane positions motor vehicles several feet away from the curb to allow a bike lane to be positioned in between the curb and a lane of parked cars.

  • Anna Hooven, Program Manager – Bridges & Buildings, SEPTA

Anna provided an update on SEPTA’s King of Prussia Rail Project, including an outline of the project’s timeline and exciting milestones the project has reached in recent months. Most notably with SEPTA issuing a request for proposal for the final design of the 4-mile branch and SEPTA pledged $390 million toward the project in its recently enacted 12-year capital spending plan.

Construction for the project could begin in 2024 if SEPTA wins the competition for federal funding against other transit agencies.

  • SEPTA’s FY2023 Capital Budget Proposal commits $390 million to KOP Rail

  • Funding exceeds the 30% non-CIG/local funding commitment

  • Requirement for Entry into Engineering

The project has gone from 15% to 30% design

  • Alignment refinements

  • Universal interlocking

  • Mall & First Ave

  • Improved Operations (ride quality and speed)

  • Revised station area configurations

  • Henderson – surface lot in lieu of parking garage

  • Allendale – revised DOPU area

  • Mall and First & American Stations – compressed station area to minimize impacts

  • First & Moore – future parking garage through Joint Developer (Transit Oriented Communities)

  • Foundation refinement

  • Enhanced constructability scheme for Turnpike crossings

Project Next Steps:

  • Project Development to Entry into Engineering

  • Final Design RFP anticipated award Fall 2022

  • Transit Orientated Communities Study to be released to the public June 2022

  • Industry Forum scheduled for June 27th

  • Entry into Engineering Readiness Review with FTA & PMOC – June through December 2022

GVF’s final speaker was Fran Hanney, Senior Manager Traffic Services Division ADA Coordinator, PennDOT

Fran spoke about the Bike Friendly Resurfacing Program and PennDOT Connects. The goal of PennDOT Connects is to better communities and mobility powered through collaboration.

  • Builds partnerships that invest in sustainable transportation

  • Leverages resources to improve communities

  • Leads and innovates for a more livable Pennsylvania

  • Delivers projects that improve economic competitiveness, access to work and overall quality of life

The Bicycle Friendly Program:

  • Identify roads that are good candidates for bike facilities

  • Implement these as part of PennDOT’s regularly scheduled roadway resurfacing maintenance program

Roads potentially eligible for the Resurfacing Program:

  • Roads that are part of PennDOT District 6, 5-year resurfacing program

  • Regional priority for connectivity as part of DVRPC low-stress network

  • Identified as part of County or Municipal bike plan

  • Identified by Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia through public input as areas for improvement

  • Specific County or Municipal interest through direct outreach to DVRPC/PennDOT

“Thank you to our speakers for providing valuable and informative updates to our partners. GVF will continue to work towards our Connected Community Committee goals, to ensure everyone will have access to TDM options” said Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF.

Pictures from the event can be found on GVF’s Facebook page.



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