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Montgomery County Community College Mobility Hub Feasibility Study

Montgomery County Community College is partnering with GVF, which has 33 years of nonprofit transportation and mobility planning expertise to conduct a feasibility study for a potential Mobility Hub within Pottstown Borough.  

Mobility hubs are places in a community that brings together public transit, bike share, e-scooters, car share, and other ways for people to get where they want to go without a personal vehicle. 

This project will provide data that will identify solutions for better connectivity between MCCC’s Pottstown Campus and Pottstown Borough. The survey analysis will also identify the feasibility of having a mobility hub on campus, which will give students affordable, alternative options to owning a car. 

The survey asked respondents to share their experiences and perceptions of the current transportation infrastructure and areas they would like to see improved. The survey data was collected from April to November 2023. 150 responses were collected. 



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