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120 Top TDM Professionals Under 40 Recognized from Regional Organizations

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. - The Greater Philadelphia region is one of the most congested regions for commuters. Specifically GVF, a not-for-profit organization that partners with private-public entities advocating for a more viable transportation network, has a daytime population of close to 600,000 people, which is larger than the size of Pittsburgh and Miami.  GVF's employment population is close to 440,050 people.  In 2017, sitting in traffic on the I-76 Corridor caused 3,000,000 hours of delays to residents, equating to $73,000,000 in lost productivity. Imagine the number of hours and money lost to traffic annually through all the region's major roadways. 

To combat the extreme congestion in our region, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) needs to be a priority with employers, employees, townships and communities. TDM strategies reduce congestion, improve the environment and quality of life. Examples of TDM include: multimodal transportation options, adequate infrastructure for sustainable multimodal transportation and commuter incentives and benefits. 

Today, many young professionals within the transportation and infrastructure field are dedicated towards improving our region's quality of life and providing commuters alternative options to driving alone. GVF is honored to recognize these individuals. 

Each year, GVF hosts its Annual Meeting, where young professionals are recognized with holds its Top TDM Professionals Under 40 Award. To date, GVF has recognized over 120 recipients. GVF presents these awards to ambitious leaders in the transportation industry that are working to find creative solutions to improve the regions quality of life through engineering, planning, marketing campaigns and the development of commuting alternative programs that are shifting behavioral change. 

Transportation Demand Management affects everyone, and the diverse backgrounds of these professionals is a true testament of the ever-evolving role it plays in all communities. To have a vibrant and successful 21st century region, these types of professionals are needed to propel us forward. 

GVF's 5th annual Top TDM Professionals Under 40 Award, held in May, recognized 25 individuals who are making a difference. Recipient's backgrounds included: Transportation Planners, Engineers, Project Managers, Marketing, Communications, Access Design Project Managers, Municipal Services Project Manager. They serve in over 30 board and committee positions including Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS), Community Transportation Association of America and Census Transportation Planning Products.  

 "Congratulations to GVF's 2018 Top TDM Professionals Under 40 recipients. Travel Demand Management (TDM) continues to be an important science that is recognized for its ability to change the way commuters travel to and from work. It is also influencing how people live their lives. Our 2018 group of top TDM professionals under 40 is a diverse group of individuals who represent the future of our industry. It is gratifying to see so many professionals with various backgrounds, working in all sectors, who are coming together to help improve our world's quality of life," Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF.

 GVF recognized these individuals at its 28th Annual Meeting in May. Pictures from the event can be found on GVF's Facebook and Flickr page. Included in their recognition, recipients were featured in the 2018 Top TDM Professionals Under 40 Award booklet. Click here to see the 2018 booklet. 2018 Top TDM Professionals Under 40:

  • Rachel Ammon, Director of Marketing and Communications, King of Prussia District

  • Frank Falzone, Access Design Project Manager, Traffic Planning and Design Inc.

  • Rachel Griffith, Trails and Open Space Planner, Chester County Planning Commission

  • Benjamin Gruswitz, Senior Planner, DVRPC

  • Kwan Hui, Senior Capital Programs Coordinator, DVRPC

  • Joseph Janos, P.E., Trails Design Manager, Traffic Planning and Design Inc.

  • Tom Kohler, District Director, State Representative Tim Briggs Office

  • Rebekah Landis, Senior Project Engineer, McMahon Associates Inc.

  • Katrina Lawrence, Senior Project Implementation Engineer, DVRPC

  • Christopher Lincoln, P.E., Municipal Services Project Manager, Traffic Planning and Design Inc.

  • Meijun Liu, Transportation Engineer, DVRPC

  • Heather Martin, Transportation Planner, Chester County Planning Commission

  • Ryan Parisi, RLA, ASLA, Project Manager, Simone Collins Landscape Architecture

  • Allison Pimm, Chief Public Information Officer, Upper Merion Township

  • Kevin Poad, Project Engineer, HNTB

  • Matthew Popek, Transportation Planner II, Montgomery County Planning Commission

  • Zoe Robertson, Manager, Project Cost Control, SEPTA

  • Shauna Sanchez, Digital Marketing Associate, King of Prussia District

  • Benjamin Torabi, Owner, Atlas Transportation

  • Daniel Wanger, Senior Project Engineer, McMahon Associates, Inc.

  • Kim Waters, P.E., Project Engineer, Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.

  • Emily Watts, Communications Project Manager, McCormick Taylor

  • Danielle Wiley, Marketing Manager, Suburban Transit Network, Inc.

  • Martin Williams, Project Engineer, KMJ Consulting Inc.

  • Jaimie Younkins, Highway Engineer, Urban Engineers



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