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Non-profit Executive Director selected as the Public Policy Committee Chair for National Association

Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF was appointed to the position of Chair for the Public Policy Committee for the Association of Commuter Transportation (ACT). ACT is an international association and leading advocate for commuter transportation and transportation demand management (TDM).

The Public Policy Committee advocates for a deeper conversation about TDM policy issues in federal authorization, the role of new mobility, qualified transportation fringe benefits, performance metrics, local rideshare regulations and ordinances. This is to ensure modes are working together to move people in the most cost-effective and convenient ways, supporting innovation and investing dollars in both public and private projects that provide measurable and meaningful returns.

Rob’s career spans nearly 20 years at GVF. GVF is a non-profit organization located in King of Prussia. GVF is a strong advocate for investment in Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs and transportation funding.

Rob is an expert in TDM and has advocated for many local and regional transportation projects over the years that have enhanced mobility and improved infrastructure throughout the region.

This includes advocating for a long-term transportation bills, permanent parity for commuter benefits, critical funding for transportation projects and implementing TDM into policy and planning.

“We are honored to welcome Rob as the new Chair of ACT’s Public Policy Committee, where he will be putting to use his many years of organizational and policy leadership to advance impactful TDM policies at the federal level that will lead to increased adoption of TDM planning and programming at the state and local levels,” said David Straus, Executive Director, ACT.

L-R: Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF; Rob Sadow, CEO & Co-Founder, Scoop Technologies; Dion Beuckman, Corporate Rental Manager, Commute Enterprise; Vince Valdes, Associate Administrator, Office of Research, Demonstration and Innovation, DOT, Federal Transit Administration; Jeff Roux, Community Planner, FTA; Valerie Briggs, Director, Office of Transportation Management at FHWA; David Straus, Executive Director, ACT

“I am honored to have been elected to Chair of ACT’s Public Policy Committee. We must continue to advocate for transportation and infrastructure projects that are critical to our economic prosperity and livability. I look forward to taking on the role as Chair to push TDM forward and work towards improving our country’s transportation system”, Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF.



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