GVF Bike to Work Wraps up Another Successful Year!

October 18, 2012

The fourth annual Bike to Work Challenge, made possible by the GVF TMA Foundation, ended on September 14, and the final results show another successful and positive Challenge. 

A total of 142 participants from 23 companies biked 37,697 miles over 20 weeks. Some people reading this don't even have that many miles on their car! 

This equates to the following savings: 

I'd like to thank each and every participant who biked on those long, hot summer days instead of sitting in your car, idling in traffic. Because of you, our air is cleaner and traffic was lighter. Your hard work has a positive effect on the rest of the region. 

GVF has organized a happy hour on 10-24 at the Fox and Hound in King of Prussia to celebrate the successes of this year's Challenge. If you're interested in attending, click here. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how we can continue to improve the results of this Challenge in 2013!