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North Coventry Township and GVF Partner on Crosswalk Demonstration

Press Event to be held Thursday, November 16 9:00am-10:00am W Main Street and S Hanover Street

North Coventry Township

WHO: GVF, a not-for-profit with over 33 years of TDM experience, focuses on improving climate, equity, and overall quality of life by reducing single-occupancy vehicales and promoting alternatives such as biking, transit, walking, working from home, carpooling, and vanpooling is partnering with the North Coventry Township on the Streets for All program.

WHAT: North Coventry Township recently partnered with GVF's Streets for all program. One aspect of the project was to identify a project location where a crosswalk could be installed. Based on our survey analysis, combined with meetings with municipal leaders and Chester County Planning Department, we have identified a project location for a demonstration project to occur. In North Coventry Township, a temporary crosswalk has been installed on West Main Street between South Hanover Street and Coyne Alley.

Why Streets for All? We believe everyone should have safe and reliable transportation choices. A community’s infrastructure should support residents of all ages and abilities to make trips by walking or cycling — because it is convenient, affordable, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

When communities invest in sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, crosswalks, public transit, and other infrastructure it promotes transportation equity, improves public health, and reduces our carbon footprint.



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