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GVF Welcomes New Partner Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry

GVF, a non-profit dedicated to improving mobility choices for all, is pleased to announce Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry has joined its diverse list of partners.

The mission of the Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry is to be a member-driven chamber of influence, providing effective connections that enhance advocacy, business development, and community investment in the Chester County area and the surrounding region.

As a “chamber of influence” and the largest Chamber in Chester County, representing a diverse 650 businesses within the community, the Chamber serves as the voice for business on local, state, and federal level issues that impact business.

“The Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry (CCCBI) is excited to partner with our Transportation Management Associations in the county and region. Through a partnership with GVF and The Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC), the Chamber will continue our work on transportation advocacy on items such as improving our roads, access to mass transit, and extending our trail system. Investments in infrastructure, public transportation, and trails allow communities to increase commerce, support jobs, increase property values, reduce commuter costs, and provide great health benefits all in one,” Laura Manion, President and CEO, Chester County Business & Industry.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry, to assist them with the mobility challenges that they are focusing on. It is imperative that we partner with many different organizations and utilize TDM strategies to provide mobility options for all. We are excited to work with Laura and her team,” Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF.



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