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GVF Recognizes Leadership Awards, Top TDM Professionals Under 40 at 33rd Annual Meeting

L-R: 2023 Top TDM Professionals Under 40; Maureen Farrell, GVF; Suzanne Ryan, PECO, Jen Waters, Urban Engineers; Kathy Sweeney-Pogwist, Brandywine Realty Trust
L-R: 2023 Top TDM Professionals Under 40; Maureen Farrell, GVF; Suzanne Ryan, PECO, Jen Waters, Urban Engineers; Kathy Sweeney-Pogwist, Brandywine Realty Trust

King of Prussia, Pa. - GVF, a not-for-profit with over 30 years of experience, focusing on climate, equity, and improving mobility choices for all, recently held its 33rd Annual Meeting.

As a thought leader in the industry, GVF’s signature events, such as its 33rd Annual Meeting, provides an opportunity for executive professionals, and elected officials to network while hearing from prominent speakers and leaders in the transportation industry.

Moderated by GVF’s Deputy Executive Director, Maureen Farrell, attendees heard from a panel of Regional TDM executives. Speakers shared why they are actively involved in GVF, what their companies are doing to support and implement transportation demand management (TDM), and how each of them, as GVF board members and female leaders in our industry, see our future progressing.

Panel speakers included:

  • Suzanne Ryan, Regional External Affairs Manage, PECO, GVF Board Member

“PECO and GVF share a common vision when it comes to transit and mobility with both being actively engaged with expanding electrification. We have found our partnership with GVF to be beneficial in advocating for policies that are equitable and provide access to all communities,” said Suzanne Ryan, PECO.

  • Kathy Sweeney-Pogwist, Vice President of Leasing, Brandywine Realty Trust, GVF Board Secretary

“Brandywine Realty Trust and GVF missions are aligned as both of our organizations are focused on advancing mobility choices through advocacy and innovation to provide equitable alternatives that improve quality of life. We value our long-standing partnership with GVF because of their focus on these initiatives and their constant work to advance the region,” Kathy Sweeney-Pogwist, Brandywine Realty Trust.

  • Jennifer Waters, Vice President and Office Manager, Urban Engineers, GVF Board Member

"It was truly an honor to be part of a panel with influential female TDM advocates Suzanne Ryan, Kathy Pogwist-Sweeney, and Maureen Farrell. As leaders in the TDM industry, it is important we continue to focus on providing access to safe, reliable, equitable, and sustainable transportation for all,” Jen Waters, Urban Engineers.

GVF presented its 2023 Leadership Awards and recognized 40 recipients for its 10th Annual Top TDM Professionals under 40. To date, GVF has recognized over 250 professionals, who are ambitious leaders making a positive impact in TDM industry.

“Congratulations to our Leadership and Top TDM Professionals Under 40 award recipients. Thank you to our speakers, Kathy Sweeney-Pogwist, Suzanne Ryan, and Jen Waters for speaking on the TDM Regional Leaders panel. GVF will continue to lead the discussion as we move forward with advances in mobility to ensure our region remains a head of the curve,” said Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF.

Pictures from the event can be found on GVF’s Facebook page.

2023 Leadership Award recipients:

  • Peter P. Quinn Leadership Award: Kathy Sweeney-Pogwist, Vice President of Leasing Brandywine Realty Trust

  • Advocacy Leadership Award: Eric Frary, Senior Vice President, Michael Baker International

  • Connected Communities Leadership Award: Suburban Transit Network, Inc. (TransNet)

  • Elected Official Leadership Award: Ken Lawrence, Chair, Commissioner, Montgomery County

  • Elected Official Leadership Award: Michelle Kichline, Commissioner, Chester County

  • Innovation Leadership Award: Montgomery County Community College

  • Engineering Leadership Award: Urban Engineers

  • Planning Leadership Award: Lower Merion Township

  • Private Sector Leadership Award: PECO

  • Public Sector Leadership Award: Borough of Phoenixville



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