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GVF and Whitpain Township Celebrate New Permanent Bike Lane as Part of the "Bike More, Drive Less" Project

Pictured is the formal dedication and ribbon cutting of the Anvil Lane Bike Lane.

L-R: Matt Popek, Transportation Planning Assistant Manager, Montgomery County Planning Commission; Jim Blanch, Engineer, Whitpain Township; Maureen Farrell, Deputy Executive Director, GVF; Joyce Keller, Treasurer, Whitpain Township Supervisor; Dave Mrochko, Assistant Manager, Whitpain Township; Kimberly Koch, Vice-Chair, Whitpain Township Supervisor; Scott Badami, Chair, Whitpain Township Supervisor; PA State Representative Joe Webster; Jeff Campolongo, Secretary, Whitpain Township Supervisor

GVF, a not-for-profit with over 34 years of transportation planning experience, is partnering with Whitpain Township on the Bike More, Drive Less Project.

GVF works with communities or organizations to improve climate, equity, and overall quality of life through transportation demand management (TDM) programs and policies. TDM are strategies that help to reduce single-occupancy vehicles through education, legislative policies and/or ordinances.

Bike More, Drive Less is an innovative project that supports bicycling as a travel option. The project supports Montgomery County’s bicycle plan, Bike Montco, and is funded by a Travel Options Program (TOP) grant from DVRPC. After surveying residents and employees within Whitpain Township, Wentz Run Park was identified as a desirable biking destination. GVF worked with Whitpain Township to identify a project location to increase bicycle connectivity to Wentz Run Park. The Township striped a new, permanent bike lane on Anvil Lane, connecting Wentz Road to Wentz Run Park.

The Anvil Lane permanent bike lane was installed in the Fall of 2023. As part of the project, the Township removed the portion of the speed bump that was within the five-foot wide bike lane, added relevant bike lane signage, and adopted a no parking ordinance on the side of Anvil Lane with the bike lane.

As part of their commitment to improving bicycling options throughout the Township, Whitpain Township applied for and was awarded a Montco 2040 grant to purchase bike rack and bike fix-it repair stations, which include tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. These three bike fix-it stations and eight bike racks will be placed in parks and open spaces throughout the Township.

The ride began with bikers gathering at Montgomery County Community College and riding throughout Whitpain Township before turning onto Anvil Lane and riding into Wentz Run Park. GVF and Whitpain Township were joined by PA State Representative Joe Webster, Whitpain Township Supervisors, members of the Park and Open Space Board, Partnership TMA staff, and community members. 6ABC attended the press event and showcased the event on Action News at Noon.

GVF's Deputy Executive Director Maureen Farrell kicked off the event with background information on GVF's long-term relationship with Whitpain Township and the "Bike More, Drive Less" project. She stated "It is nice to see when we have something physical to recognize... we are here today to celebrate some of those milestones and the initiatives of the township. Ultimately, the Township is looking at that big picture goal of improving intersections to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists to move throughout the community."

State Representative Joe Webster, who represents nearby District 150, commended the work of Whitpain Township on their bicycle network and hopes to support similar projects in his home district. He said, "The example that you're setting and the opportunity you're creating for your citizens, to get on a bike lane and get somewhere safely is remarkable."

Scott Badami, Whitpain Township Board of Supervisors Chair, spoke more about the work that Whitpain Township is doing to make improvements to the bicycle network, including the addition of the bike fix-it stations and bike racks that will be purchased using the Montco 2040 grant money. "Building bike lanes and enhancing our trail system is a great way to help the community and visitors move throughout our township without a car. However, as cyclists know, there are always challenges. Something can always break or fall off. We need to provide the infrastructure to Bike More and Drive Less."

Stacy Bartels, Manager, Office of TDM Strategy and Marketing, DVRPC spoke about the goals when DVRPC is funding projects in the region: "This project is a perfect example... where people are collaborating and cooperating to make everything come together. These connections between different modes make our region and our opportunities for residents more plentiful. Everything is more accessible that way and that is ultimately what we are looking for."

Matt Popek, Transportation Planning Assistant Manager, Montgomery County Planning Commission detailed the County's vision and work on the Bike Montco: The Bicycle Plan for Montgomery County to advance bicycle mobility. He celebrated biking and the culmination of the project that is "taking another pedal push forward on making all of our streets serve all of our roadway users safely... today is the result of many years of work and plenty of effort from a large number of groups."

This event marked the end of the Bike More, Drive Less project but not the end of the partnerships between GVF, DVRPC, Montgomery County, Whitpain Township, and all of the stakeholders committed to improving infrastructure for biking and walking, and expanding the bicycle network and connectivity in Whitpain Township.



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