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Executive Director Rob Henry Celebrates 25 Years at GVF

From L to R: Rep. Tim Briggs, Congresswoman Madeleine Dean, Rob Henry, Rep. Joe Webster, Rep. Ben Sanchez

GVF’s Executive Director Rob Henry was recently recognized for his 25 years of service to GVF with a citation from the U.S. House of Representatives, presented by Congresswoman Madeleine Dean, who said about Rob:  “I was thinking of [a] Walt Disney quote that very much embodies [Rob]. ‘If you can dream it, you can do it,’ and for 25 years you’ve been doing that. You’ve been dreaming really good things for this region around transportation, around safer communities… You know how much I like the work around biking and cycling. I am very proud to offer you a Congressional citation.”

Representatives Tim Briggs, Ben Sanchez, and Joe Webster also presented Rob with a citation from the PA House of Representatives marking his 25 years at GVF. Rep. Tim Briggs described Rob as “a force in our community” and thanked him for his advocacy and willingness to educate the delegation throughout his time at GVF.

Congratulations, Rob!



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