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Local State Representatives provide updates to GVF partners

L-R: State Representative Tim Briggs, GVF Board Member; State Representative Joe Ciresi; State Representative Ben Sanchez; State Representative Melissa Shusterman.

GVF recently held a partner webinar with local State Representatives Tim Briggs, Joe Ciresi, Ben Sanchez, and Melissa Shusterman. To close to 40 attendees, the representatives provided an update on their districts and answered questions regarding legislation and COVID-19.

It was clear throughout the webinar that all four representatives believe that more needs to be done in terms of relief and recovery from COVID-19. From resuming infrastructure construction and protecting small businesses.

Representative Briggs felt strongly that we must be conscious and focused on recovery and relief next steps once social distancing rules relax. He feels it is important to ensure the right thing is done now to help PA be successful during the next steps of the pandemic.

In unison, the representatives stated they have been spending a lot of time helping the public decipher confusion related to waiver exemptions for essential businesses and that gaining clear answers from the governor’s office at times can take longer than expected.

The representatives continue to work with the governor to streamline the process, but stated it is challenging due to circumstances of COVID-19 changing everyday as we travel through this unknown territory. However, Tim Briggs said he is confident that as the days pass there will be more clarity and consistency with the waivers.

The representatives encouraged those facing confusion with the waivers to contact their local state representative and they will contact the governor’s office directly for an answer.

Also, on the call was Brian Jeter, Senior Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs, Comcast. Brian shared useful Comcast resources at and offered to assist anyone who may be experiencing difficulties or have questions for Comcast. You can email Brian at



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