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GVF Names Urban Employees 2020 Top TDM Professionals Under 40 - Urban Engineers

Urban is pleased to announce that GVF TMA has named Greg Scafonas, PE, and Dawn Dayawon, PE, as top Transportation Demand Management (TDM) professionals under 40 years old. Both employees serve as highway engineers based out of the firm’s Philadelphia headquarters. GVF presents these awards to ambitious leaders that are working to find creative solutions to improve our quality of life through engineering, planning, marketing campaigns, and the development of commuting alternative programs that are shifting behavioral change.

Ms. Dayawon began her career inspecting bridges and was trained in rope access techniques. She worked on structures ranging from large, multi-span bridges to small culverts. The work was very physically demanding, but Ms. Dayawon learned many lessons that she has applied to her work as a highway engineer, including good planning and organizational skills; confidence in her ability to learn and adapt; and how to treat everyone with respect and kindness. A graduate of Lehigh University, where she earned an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, Ms. Dayawon went on to earn a master’s in civil engineering with a focus on transportation from Villanova University. She has since trained and gained experience in various areas of highway design. Her current duties include line and grade development, drainage design, stormwater management, and design of right-of-way plans. A supporter of Transportation Demand Management, Ms. Dayawon uses her skills to help clients like PennDOT improve the everyday built environment used by motorists and the community.

Mr. Scafonas is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania with 13 years of experience in roadway design in rural and urban settings, as well as roundabout design experience. His breadth of knowledge includes stormwater management design; erosion and sediment control; traffic control; signing; pavement marking; and right-of-way plans. A graduate of Temple University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, Mr. Scafonas is a transportation demand management professional who has worked with clients like PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. He recently has worked on the Open Road Cashless Tolling system for the turnpike. Mr. Scafonas provided preliminary engineering and final design of the mainline toll zone along the highway at Milepost 312.7. The mainline toll zone site includes a tolling building and a gantry structure. The cashless tolling system will reduce congestion for those that enter and exit the turnpike, increasing mobility.

TDM affects everyone and their diverse backgrounds. GVF is a not-for-profit group created to advocate and promote a viable transportation network for the Greater Valley Forge region’s economic vitality. The organization honors TDM professionals under 40 annually as a testament of the ever-evolving role TDM and these individuals play in local communities.



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