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The combined Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) was signed in January 2021. The FEIS, which began in March 2018, following the completion of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) process, further identifies environmental and community impacts and commits to specific mitigation and minimization actions to eliminate or reduce negative effects. The ROD is the official decision document of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for KOP Rail to continue into further engineering and construction of the project. After the FEIS/ROD phase, preliminary engineering will continue to approximately 30% of the design. You can read the KOP Rail FEIS/ROD.

Environmental Impact Statements are required by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) when a federally funded project is determined to significantly affect the quality of the human environment. 

Station Area Planning for the Norristown High-Speed Line Extension to King of Prussia 
King of Prussia Rail is a proposed 5-mile extension of SEPTA’s existing Norristown High-Speed Line (NHSL) that, when complete, will provide passenger rail service to the largest commercial and employment center in the suburban Philadelphia Region: King of Prussia.


GVF has been an integral part of the early success of the King of Prussia Rail project. Executive Director, Rob Henry, sits on various strategic planning committees within the project and is working with other stakeholders to establish the rail path. When completed, the King of Prussia Rail project will provide increased transit access from the established communities along the Norristown High-Speed Line to the businesses and venues in the King of Prussia area.


In partnership with King of Prussia District, GVF helped to form the King of Prussia Rail Coalition. The Coalition garners regional support for the proposed extension of the existing Norristown High-Speed Line into King of Prussia and seeks to build support from residents, commercial property owners, elected officials, job growth agencies, chambers of commerce, and more.


Benefits of this project over 20 years include:​
Job Growth:
17,000-29,000 new jobs
Read the Economy League report on the benefits of SEPTA's King of Prussia Rail Project!
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