Founded in 1990, GVF is a not-for-profit organization created to advocate and promote a viable transportation network for the region's economic vitality. To maximize awareness and develop sustainable support, we partner with public and private entities.

GVF's mission is to achieve a desirable quality of life and a healthy, competitive economic environment by developing multi-faceted transportation strategies.

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The accomplishments of GVF are directly attributed to our partners, as we work cooperatively to find solutions to the region's congestion issues. Whether it is advocating for a project of regional significance, or encouraging our elected officials to support legislation, it is our diverse and dedicated partners that give GVF the strength and expertise in the transportation and travel demand management industry.

We value our association with GVF because it addresses an important need in the community. The ability to move goods and people throughout a region is an essential part of a strong economy. In a survey, Chamber members recently identified transportation as one of the top government-related issues of concern to them.
— Bernard Dagenais, President and CEO,
Main Line Chamber of Commerce

We knew that in order to improve transportation options in the area, we would have to forge partnerships in the future in order to be successful. These partnerships are critical, and it is one of the reasons we continue to partner with GVF today.
— Ronald Wagenmann, Former Township Manager,
Upper Merion Township
Co-Founder, GVF

To become more familiar with GVF, please take a moment to get to know our staff, our most recent Annual Report and our Board of Directors, which are all available in this section. We look forward to partnering with you!